Saturday, July 21, 2012

I didn't realize its been March since I've posted anything.  Again, a lot has happened in the past few months.  My brother got out of rehab on April 27th.  He had in home therapy but is still not doing well.  His overall health isn't good at all.  He seems to be blind in his right eye and has to go and see a neural opthomalogist at at the end of July.  Anyway in between then and now  Cheryl got her learners permit.  She passed the written test with a high grade of 97 I believe.  She was driving since mid April around and about and then in May I started her on the interstate.  She was doing well.  I took her to take her driving test in the beginning of June but they told her she had her appointment wrong and so she didn't get to take it then.  We went to another one in our county and got her set up for the test the next week but she failed it when she didn't pass parallel parking.  The guy didn't even take her out driving so I don't know why she failed if that's the only part of the test she got to take but anyway we got her set up to try again on June 26th but we had an accident on June 22nd on the interstate.  She was driving and over compensated and hit the wall in the middle.  The very hard, hard concrete wall.  I ended up with a nasty scratch on my neck (left a scar) and 4 bruises on the left side of my body from the seat belt.  She had a few bruises but ended up in a back brace because she fractured the T12 and maybe the one above it in her back.  She goes back to the doctor on August 3rd to get checked out but I have a feeling she'll still be in the back brace.  She will be trying for her license again but we will hopefully be having a smaller vehicle for her to use.  She'll have to start all over again though and get her written test again but that shouldn't be a problem for her hopefully.  My brother Patrick's truck is totaled to the tune of $20,000.  She definitely went big.  I had my first ambulance ride ever out of it.  Sure wish I would have just been a passenger though.  The only good thing about the whole incident?  We got my sister Kelly back.  She came to the hospital and we did a lot of talking.  Its still a little strained but its a start.  I told Cheryl God say hah!  Ya'll are a family and you're getting back together now.  So between getting back with Chris's Dad and now having my sister back for almost a month life is indeed a whole lot better in spite of how it went to get there.

Here's the injury that left a scar on my neck.  I hope to never have an airbag go off on me again.  That's one experience I never expected.