Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Party

I took my Mom up to the VA last Wednesday (12/15) for the Christmas party for the residents where my Dad is living. He was so very uncomfortable. I know my Mom doesn't think we'll have him much longer but I already told her I don't want to go next year. Dad just wanted to be in his room. He's always been a loner and while I know it wouldn't be good for him to be alone a lot they do have him in activities where he's not alone. I know I'm not making sense. I just can't get into words how difficult the party was for him. They only allowed 2 people to come to the party and Dad kept asking about everyone. It was just too many people and too noisy for him. I'd rather he not know me than be so ill at ease and saying help every 5 minutes like he did before we finally left.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I can't figure you people out at all. Why wasn't my family ever good enough for you? You haven't seen your son or your grandchildren in 8 years now. I hear how wonderful you and your wife treat brother in law and his family and it breaks my heart. You got them big boucoup presents for Christmas this year. Why were we only given re-gifts when we got gifts at all? Why couldn't we have Christmas with you on Christmas instead of in February? Why were we only allowed at your house when you could show off for the neighbors? Why did you throw my son over on his 5th birthday party after begging to give it for a gun show so we had to have his party on a Thursday evening? Why did your wife say my kids are YOUR grandchildren like she did? Not only said it but in front of me and the children.


Father-in-Law and my husband's mother are divorced and have been since he was around 11. He's been married about 5 times overall. His latest wife and he have been married 14 years now. She's only about 4 years older than me. I have never been left alone in a room with my Father-in-Law. His wife is very insecure and I guess she thinks I'll go for Daddy. The thought of that makes me sick. I have a great husband and thankfully he takes more after his Mom than his Dad. Brother-in-Law is more like Dad but with enough of Mom thrown in to not be too bad at least. Three days after my husband and I married Father-in-Laws wife showed up and proceeded to inform me did I know why Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law divorced? I told her no I didn't know and didn't need to know. She told me that they divorced because Mother-in-Law was a LESBIAN. Okay. Well, she's not and I never thought she was either. This stupid lady is so insecure that she thought I'd be scared of my husband's mother for being a lesbian. Nope. No way, no how. I did tell her she was insecure and that it wasn't her place to tell me about Mother-in-Law. This lady and my Father-in-Law weren't even married yet. Definitely none of her business. Father-in-Law loves to tell tall tales come to find out. He told current wife that he came home and found Mother-in-Law locked in their bedroom with her best gal pal and that he had to break the door down to get to her. Okay big lie. I've been to that house. The door is still in the original door frame. There's no damage around the door latch/lock area. He told that tall tale because he didn't want to look like the bad guy. The bad guy he is. He's a big time cheater and had cheated on Mother-in-Law since the first year of their marriage. He cheated so badly that he married her cousin by marriage after he divorced her. Guess what? He cheated on that marriage too and I have no doubt that he has cheated on his current wife either. I just don't get why he would want to label Mother-in-Law with the Lesbian label and then leave his 8 and 11 year old sons to grow up with her and have to live down those lies. I just added this part of the story so you could see I've been listening to the lies from both Father-in-Law and his current wife since my husband and I were married for only 3 days. Now they are taking stories we told them about stuff our kids did and saying they happened at their house when my kids were little. They said our kids colored on their TV and threw a set of keys at it too. We set those stories straight with Brother-in-Law. Those two things happened at our house and they weren't even there. I guess they feel better about lying about us than telling the truth that we're not good enough for them. It makes me so sad that my Dad isn't really here anymore so my kids don't have him as a Grandpa but the Grandpa they have won't be there for them. The kids have a band concert coming up on Tuesday (14th) and I would love to have Father-in-Law come and see but until my husband straightens out a few things with him it won't be happening. This is one fight that I can't settle. Father-in-Law has told Brother-in-Law that its more or less my fault. That his wife hasn't done anything wrong. Yeah, that's what he thinks and I never set him straight because I was taught to respect my parents and not go tattletelling on somebody when they lie about me or mine. Of course, my Mom and Dad never had Father-in-Law and his current wife as their in-Laws either. I might have been taught different if they had.