Thursday, October 18, 2012

It just seems like there's not much going on and then BAM!  it goes bad.  Chris's driving partner Carl passed away today.  He was around 65 and just passed away in his chair at home.  His wife found him and that's about all I know right now.  He had been off of work for a foot problem but that was almost healed and the doctor was going to release him for work next week.  He has had heart problems but that was under control so he should have been coming back to work.  I'm just in shock and I know Chris is too.  I wanted Chris to get out of being in a driving partnership with him but I didn't wish Carl any ill will.  This is just beyond believing.  My heart breaks for his wife Donna.  She has been wanting him to retire for a year or so but he just wouldn't do it.  My prayers go out to his family too.  It's just so sad but I'm glad he was at home with his wife and family when it happened.