Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I had my appointment early this morning. What a way to get the day started! LOL. It's uncomfortable but what little pain and kinks in the back I get are well worth what the consequences might otherwise be. I have a small little lima bean size lump on my right breast but I'm thinking its just like what I had on my left breast a few years ago. I have a lot of *strata for lack of a better word in my breasts and the lump from before on my left breast was just that kind of tissue but it kept growing and was painful so that's why I had that removed. This one I've felt before. It seems to come around right before my period so I'm pretty sure its nothing. I'll keep telling myself that anyway until I get the all clear letter. My maternal aunt (who I'm named after coincidentally) also had these problems. Weird, huh? Anyway, we have insurance and better safe than sorry and now I'm going to quit rambling. I always try not to worry but can't help myself for the next week or so. My Grandma, her Sister and their Mother all had breast cancer but so far it hasn't shown up in my Mother's or my generations. Hopefully it won't. Stats are though that you don't have to have a family history of it anymore for it to just show up. You just never know. So again, BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY!!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I hate getting sick. Yesterday I was sick for the whole day and through the night. I'm still not feeling great but I have to wait for the kids to go to school before I can go back to bed. Thank goodness Chris came home yesterday or the kids would have been on their own pretty much. I held off from this virus for over a month so I was hoping it would just skip me but it didn't. Another 30 minutes and I'll be back in bed. The hands on the clock are just moving too slow. The only good thing that came out of it is I lost 5 pounds since I couldn't eat or drink anything but I sure don't want to lose weight this way. LOL.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dreary Tuesday

I wish I could write really fun and interesting posts. My day today was just dreary. It rained all day long and finally the sun came out about 4 o'clock. The rain just makes me hurt. It makes my Mom hurt too. My brother says its our imagination but let him have it making him hurt and I bet he'd change his tune. Nothing much went on today. I had Nicky home from school with a stomach virus. He was over it around 11 so I went and did a couple of errands that I needed to do. I's nice that he's old enough to leave at home for an hour or so now that he's 12. Made a trip to the store and post office right in the middle of the worst part of the rain but I didn't have any choice since I needed something for supper tonight. Got my package sent off for a Spring exchange I'm in. I hope I hear from the person I sent it to. I had to just guess on what to get her and only had stuff to go on from years ago so hopefully she'll like it. I'm crossing my fingers anyway. I ordered The Slow Moon by Elizabeth Cox from Paperbackswap.com Cyndy. I should get it in about a week. From what I read and you said about it makes it seem like it'll be a really good read. That's about all for my dreary Tuesday.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break/Vacation

Well, it's winding down now but we had a great time. Such a great time that I'm totally exhausted and limping my way around the house on aching feet. It was totally worth it. For our first family vacation I think we did pretty good. We spent 3 days/2 nights in San Antonio. We went to the Alamo and Riverwalk on Tuesday and then to Sea World on Wednesday. It was packed everywhere we went because San Antonio was on Spring break too. LOL, we can't win. Hopefully when we go back next year it won't be the same time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Books, books and more about books

I just finished Inkdeath. I hated to see this trilogy end. (Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath) I hope the author, Cornelia Funke, comes back with a fourth book. I doubt it but oh well. N went with my sister to see Inkheart at the movies. He liked it but said it wasn't as good as the book. I really like Brendan Frasier so I'm on the wall about whether I want to see it or not. I'm afraid I won't like it either. I'm of the school that the book is always better.

I'm finding that I really like a lot of the books I'm buying for the kids. We had the Scholastic book fair this week at school and got 4 books for the kids. Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw both by Jeff Kinney for J. N got Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver and Pendragon: The Never War by D. J. MacHale. Wolf Brother is the first in a 4 book series and I think Pendragon might be part of a series too but I'm not really sure.

I still have Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in the Twilight series to read but N won't give up Eclipse to me yet. He keeps reading Twilight over and over too. This is very unusal for him and while he's a reader he's just not usually this avid at all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wii Saturdays

We've been having my brother, sister and Mom coming over every Saturday since my new nephew was born on Feb. 7th. Finally my little sister brought him over and came and joined us for food and games. We've really been enjoying it so much. It's almost like old times when we were all growing up. My Dad won't ever come over anymore but that's because he's turned into a home body and doesn't go anywhere. Also his dementia is getting bad again. There for a while he seemed to be his old self. My older little sister said he cried the other day after seeing our little sister with her baby. He was saying stuff about wishing his Mom, Dad and sister had lived to see little sisters baby too. He turns 71 this year. His Dad passed just about 20 days after turning 72 so I know when he remembers about his Dad that it weighs heavily on his mind. Anyway, here's a few pics to share from Saturday.
He's so good for me. I hope he'll be as easy in
May when I get to keep him for the day.
Where's the baby? In Mommy's lap of course.
My older little sister. She says
she's the mean Aunt.
My brother didn't want his
picture taken but oh well.

He let my hubby hold him for a long time.
C said it was nice to hold a baby again. We
hardly ever get to see our niece on his
side of the family. :(
J really likes him. She didn't want
to at first because he's a boy.

He loves me best. I blame it on my
Red perfume.