Monday, August 31, 2009


Amanda didn't get that job we were all wanting for her. They've filled both the permanant and substitute positions and yet still have them as vacancies on the website. Doesn't make a lick of
sense does it? Plus, why did they take her application on Friday if they were already filled? Nope not a lot of sense there either. Oh well, something better will come along and if not there's something else out there until it does. She's just going to help me some more this week and go after labor day and start applying. It'd be her luck to get a job that'd want her to work on Sunday and we don't want that since we're planning a birthday party for her. Oh, I almost forgot to say I got a new desktop computer. It's not much different than my other one but I decided to get a new one so that the kids would have a separate one to use for school and to play
games on. Theirs won't be online unless its to do school work or Amanda wants to check her email and stuff. That's about all the exciting news going on here.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


we got Amanda's warrant paid on. She applied for a job with the local school district. It's to be
a food service handler which is the tecnical words for lunch lady. LOL. It'll be a perfect opportunity for her right now with her not having a car. She's got to have something close
to me since she's living here and I have to take her back and forth. Plus, she needs the hours
that work with the kids school hours too. She really likes the idea of getting off of work in the
early afternoon, being off on weekends, school holidays and then 3 months of summer too. She'd be able to go to school full time in the summer so I'm really hoping she'll get this job. She needs
to call the lady in charge on Monday morning to find out about being interviewed for it. They've
been advertising for someone for this job for about 6 months now so hopefully.........Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

And Again........

we've let another family member move in with us. It's our niece this time. She's nothing like her brother John. Thank God for that. We're going to try to help her get on her feet. She got a ticket and lost her job before she could pay it so it turned into a warrant. It's a misdemeanor. She's been helping me a lot this past few weeks so I told her we'll just let her work off the money and once she does that we'll pay the initial payment on the warrant and then she'll be able to get a job and finish the payments herself. She'll be trying to save money for a car also so she'll be here quite a while. Its nothing like the situation with her brother though. She's a hard worker. Plus she won't be here on weekends cause she goes to her boyfriends apartment. We will still have our family time and I get adult company when Chris is gone. Her Mom hasn't been in her life since she was about 10 when her Dad got full custody of her and their other brother. Her Dad always had custody of John. I told her the other day that I always considered her mine anyway. She lived with us her Senior year of high school. I pushed her to go back and live with her Dad as soon as she graduated. I wish now I would have just let her stay with us. Maybe she would have gone to college or tech school. Her plan now is to try to get on with the local school district as a cafeteria worker. It'd be great hours so she could go to school in the evening eventually, plus, she'd have off weekends, school holidays and every summer. She could do school full time then for sure. If she can get that job it wouldn't be hard for me to get her back and forth from there until she can save enough money to get her own vehicle and insurance. Oh and another big thing is that she already has the respect for Chris and I and that makes it easy for us to respect her back.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Turn out the lights........

the party's over. This weekend just flew by too fast for me. We went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Friday. It was just okay for me. Chris and the kids really enjoyed it but I almost fell asleep towards the end of the movie. They're setting up the story line for the next couple of movies so it was a lot more explaining of things than of doing things in the movie. We watched Eureka and Warehouse 13 on Friday night. Its nice having something good on Sci Fi again. I miss the old SG1 and Stargate Atlantis though. We also watched Wizards of Waverly Place with the kids. I think Chris and I really like some of these Disney shows more than the kids do. It reminds me of when I was little and we watched Wonderful World of Disney on TV with Mom and Dad on Sunday nights. I loved Fess Parker as Davy Crockett. Saturday I got up and went to the grocery store and we just hung around the house the rest of the day. Nothing like a nice quiet day. Today we watched Knowing with Nicolas Cage. It was totally not what I expected. It was a really good movie. It kept me on edge the whole time. It got to the ending and I realized it was very familiar to a scifi story I read years ago. I'm going to have to research and see if it was based on the story I read or not. Then we watched Hannah Montana with the kids. Again, another Disney show that sucks you in. LOL. Chris goes back on the road tomorrow and will be back in on Friday. Next weekend we're going to start back to school shopping. School starts the 24th here and the kids just want summer to last all year I think. LOL.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Another Week......

Just another week gone by in life. Nothing major happened. That's a good thing. I like the nice quiet days. School will start in about 3 weeks. The kids can wait. They want summer to last forever. We don't need to get much in the way of clothes for them. Just underwear and socks mostly. New shoes of course. I already have Nicky's. Jessie's we'll get right before school starts when we go to buy school supplies and backpacks. Our tax free weekend is Aug. 21st through the 23rd so we'll be able to save a little money at least. It helps that its still hot down here so they can wear their summer clothes to school to start. I'll probably get them some new shirts is all. We'll see how the sales are and how much money we have too. My Uncle is getting better slowly but surely. My Aunt said he might get out of the hospital on Aug. 20th but doesn't know if he'll go to rehab of some kind up there or if he has to have rehab if they'll send him home to get it or not. I really hope they can send him home. She needs a break too. I'm pretty sure she's not taking very good care of herself either. Their son did make it up for the weekend so she got a little break with him there and their daughter will be up this weekend so hopefully another break will be in store for her again. I've really enjoyed having broadband connection too. It's so much better than dial up. I hope I never have to go back to dial up again!