Monday, August 31, 2009


Amanda didn't get that job we were all wanting for her. They've filled both the permanant and substitute positions and yet still have them as vacancies on the website. Doesn't make a lick of
sense does it? Plus, why did they take her application on Friday if they were already filled? Nope not a lot of sense there either. Oh well, something better will come along and if not there's something else out there until it does. She's just going to help me some more this week and go after labor day and start applying. It'd be her luck to get a job that'd want her to work on Sunday and we don't want that since we're planning a birthday party for her. Oh, I almost forgot to say I got a new desktop computer. It's not much different than my other one but I decided to get a new one so that the kids would have a separate one to use for school and to play
games on. Theirs won't be online unless its to do school work or Amanda wants to check her email and stuff. That's about all the exciting news going on here.

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