Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days, School Days....

Not much going on here. School started yesterday and the kids actually enjoyed going back. This morning not so much but they'll get there. LOL. Jessie started 7th grade and was worried she wouldn't be in classes with her friends but she said she was in mostly the same classes with them and she had a really good day. I hope it stays this way for her. She stresses over math every year because of her disability but otherwise she has good solid grades. Nicky started his Freshman year of high school. He said it was no different in high school than in the other years of school. My laid back teenager. LOL. He had Art 1 as an elective but the band director asked him to give it up to join Jazz band so that's what he's going to do today. I think he'll enjoy Jazz band a whole lot more than art. Poor boy can barely draw a stick figure but that's okay. Not everybody can expect to be an art on paper artist. Maybe that's why he's good with music? :) I had a good first day of no kids at home too. It was weird and so quiet and nobody to argue with about having to wake up late in the afternoon. That's what I'm sure my kids are missing. Their late nights and later sleep in times. They'll catch up eventually.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Tuesday

My sister made it through her gall bladder surgery just fine. The polyps still need to be checked out but so far so good. She's miserable but she's alive and didn't have any problems with anesthia this time. Thanks everybody for prayers and good thoughts for her.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thanks and an Update

Thanks everyone for the comments you leave on my blog. Unfortunately I can't comment back to your blogs or even post a comment back to you on my own blog. So I'm plugging along reading everything on your blogs but I wish I could leave comments. Oh well, maybe eventually I'll be able to again someday.

An update on my sister. She saw the surgeon yesterday and is set up to have her gall bladder removed on the 15th which is next Tuesday. The surgeon said he's not worried about the polyps since they'll be removing the whole gall bladder anyway. That was a relief to hear for sure. Now she has an appointment with her ob/gyn on Friday the 12th. Hopefully that's just follow up and there's still nothing going on with her for that stuff. Her biopsy came back clear that he did a week or so ago so that was a relief too.