Tuesday, August 13, 2013

and again its been too long

since I last posted.

I got the settlement money.  It wasn't much but it was what I needed which was my medical bills paid for and a little bit left over to get caught up on bills with.  That was in mid January. February and March were quiet months for us.  I was still playing catch up but finally Chris got a dedicated run at work and the paychecks were being around the same each payday.  Its so nice to sort of know what to expect each payday for sure. We didn't do anything for Spring break in March.  Just stayed home and vegged out with the kids. April, May and June were nice months too.  We had our family reunion on August 3rd and had to pay for the bbq we ordered at the end of July.  Wouldn't you know we almost get all the money saved for that and our water heater went out.  Just our luck but if only it would have waited.  The reunion turned out really well.  I wish more of the family would have attended but oh well, they missed out on some good food, good fun and lots of fun family time.  That brings us up to date.

Update on my Dad.  He's still the same.  We celebrated his 75th birthday and he seemed to really enjoy it.  I know we did.  It was everyone up there except for my brother Patrick.  He doesn't want my Dad to see him in a wheel chair and unable to do anything for himself.  He really should see Dad.  Dad wouldn't remember after that Patrick is really, really ill but it would make for an uncomfortable visit so I understand why Patrick doesn't want Dad to see him that way.  Patrick had a stroke on his right side on March 17 2012 and has gotten no better.  In fact he is worse than the few days after he had the stroke.  He's blind on the right sides of his eyes, he can't really walk and speech is slow and slurred.  He's alive but not a happy person so much anymore.  He has good days and bad.  Actually Patrick is in worse shape than Dad and is at home with my Mom and them.  He really should be in a home but because he only has disability no one will take him.  Its a harsh fact but he doesn't get the care he needs but he won't let himself get the help he needs either.  He has nurses and therapists coming and working with him but he lies and says he does the work outs and stuff when they aren't there.  He lies and says he's capable of doing things for himself too.  Anyway, that's for him to live with.

That's our year brought up to date.  God bless you everyone.  Count your blessings and let the bad roll away.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas turned out better than what I expected.  The lawyer came through with some PIP money and I was able to buy groceries, put aside $50 each for the kids presents and had enough left over for gas money to and from Mother in Laws house in Marshall.  It wasn't the Christmas we wanted nor expected but it was the Chrismas we needed.  Thank God for small reminders and huge blessings.  Here's to a great 2013!