Monday, February 14, 2011

Not Much...

to post about. We survived the great Texas freeze. I swear Sonic should change the name of the Route 44 drink to that. LOL. My Mom got to go and see Dad yesterday. She took him a valentine card to hang up on his bulletin board. I didn't go this time. Definitely need to go the next time though. We met them afterwards at Logan's Steakhouse. Cheryl bought everybody lunch. I knew there was no way I could go and make sure Chris and the kids got ready while I was gone. Chris does his best but he's like his Dad and brother and slow unless there's somebody whipping them along to move it faster. They wouldn't have made it on time at all. We had a nice time. It was good to get together with the siblings and Mom. Cheryl said Dad was having a good day but he fell asleep on them. He's doing that more and more. I don't know if its his meds or just his body slowly giving in. Probably a combination of both. We took over my Mom and Dad's little dog Suzy. She's a full sister to our dog Ginny but not a litter mate. Ginny (on the left) is about 6 months older and they're both 6 now. They've had a couple of little tiffs but that's to be expected. They mostly get along and its helped the kids to get over having to have Perdy put down last month.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


and I mean cold. We're in central Texas and boy, oh boy, is it cold! I think the high today was 25 degrees. I'm not sure of the wind chill but I sure didn't go outside. Thank goodness for a fenced back yard so I was able to put our little dog in and out as she needed. They're saying our low tomorrow will be 9. Yes 9! A single digit temperature! I don't think we've ever been that cold here where we are in forever. I know for the last 10 years we haven't been anyway. Another day of staying inside for me at least. The kids are wanting snow and for school to be out but I don't see either of those situations happening. We're cold but that's it. I sure don't want our 3 digit summer temps but give me back our 40's and 50's please!