Tuesday, February 1, 2011


and I mean cold. We're in central Texas and boy, oh boy, is it cold! I think the high today was 25 degrees. I'm not sure of the wind chill but I sure didn't go outside. Thank goodness for a fenced back yard so I was able to put our little dog in and out as she needed. They're saying our low tomorrow will be 9. Yes 9! A single digit temperature! I don't think we've ever been that cold here where we are in forever. I know for the last 10 years we haven't been anyway. Another day of staying inside for me at least. The kids are wanting snow and for school to be out but I don't see either of those situations happening. We're cold but that's it. I sure don't want our 3 digit summer temps but give me back our 40's and 50's please!


  1. YUCK! and I was bugged because it's not going to hit 70 today!! lol I don't feel so bad now ... need a trip to cali??

  2. It only got to 24 yesterday Diane. They're calling for snow starting tonight. My kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow and then they're off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for Fair days. I'm all for a longer weekend. LOL.