Saturday, November 27, 2010


My Mom and siblings got moved in down the street and around the corner from me. Now to get the odds and ends from the old place and get everything unpacked. I didn't do any of the moving of the stuff. They hired a small moving company but I can help with the unpacking and that's what I plan to do today after my Mother in Law goes home. Here's a picture from Thanksgiving day of almost the whole family. We're only missing my Dad, my brother Terry and nephew John.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Finally got to go and visit my Dad again. Between the small paychecks and gas prices I wasn't able to go anywhere very much. He didn't get out of bed this time and looks so small. He called me 'her' and didn't know me really but that's okay. I think he knew me by the end of the visit. As long as he remembers my Mom is all that matters anyway.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I'm really happy because my Mom and siblings are moving not far from us. Walking distance except I can't walk it of course. They'll be about 3 blocks from here. I'm sad though because her house is going to be foreclosed on in December. They were supposed to get a modification loan and the bank strung them along for about 7 months before demanding money and then informed them that even though they paid the money it didn't mean they would get approved for the mod loan. Rather than paying up and taking a chance of not having anywhere to go they found this place to rent not far from us. My brother has been getting sicker so it's a blessing just in case something happens with him. Really the only bad thing is my Dad is still in the VA in that town but still we'll be visiting him the same and I'll be able to take my Mom on Mondays too when I take Chris to work. The mobile home they'll be renting is huge and my sister will finally have a real room with a door instead of an alcove area. I'm hoping we can get them moved by Thanksgiving. We'll find out soon enough. The lease will be signed today. There's a window to be fixed and the deck railings on the front and back porch and a few cosmetic things. Some cleaning to be done too.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wide Awake

I woke up and the clock read 3:33. There's supposed to be a spirtiual meaning when you wake up at that time. I'm wide awake. I will make myself go and lie back down in a little bit because we have a long day ahead of us and I don't want to crash and burn too early. We're celebrating Nicky's birthday today. It was on Nov. 11th but we're getting together with extended family to have cake. It should be fun. Also, my Mom's house is going to be foreclosed on so my sister is looking for somewhere to rent and they are going to try to get over here where we are. They'll be a couple of blocks away from us so it shouldn't be too bad. My brother had an episode when he went to pick up my sister from work yesterday. Thank God my little sister was with him because she ended up having to drive them all back home. He said he got really dizzy and then sick to his stomache and threw up something that looked like blood. Hopefully it was just his blood sugar being too low or his blood pressure being low too and nothing major to worry about. He's very sick anyway and has major heart problems so it worries me this happened. I think them being closer will be a godsend for us all. Both of my sisters work and if something happens this way I'll be right there and not have to travel 30 miles to get there. Selfish? Yes. But still I would worry less with being closer to them. My sister said she would worry less too if they get out here by us so that made me feel less selfish at least.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Catscan Results

I went for a catscan yesterday and got the results a little bit ago. I have diverticulitis and have to make a major change in my diet. Need to add a bunch of fiber and the doctor wants me to take miralax every day to see if that'll help also. Goodbye meat and ice cream. I'll still have meat but definitely cutting portions in half. At least its nothing major and can be controlled by diet but wouldn't you know its almost time for the holidays when we have all our good food. LOL. I'll still enjoy the food just not so much. Chris better get in the mood for a food change for himself also. It won't hurt him or the kids for that matter either to have a diet change. Thank goodness it wasn't something worse than what it is. Oh, I added a nifty little fiber counter way at the bottom of my blog so if you want to keep up with certain counts you can. I read that women are supposed to have at least 21 grams of fiber a day. I sure have a lot of catching up to do with that count for sure. One good thing about fiber is it does make you feel full longer and it keeps your colon happy too.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Famous Last Words

Late August 1995 I told my boss that my Grandfather was not expected to be around much longer and that I would be taking the 3 days off that our company allowed for a grandparent passing. She then informed me it was only one day with pay and that I could only take that one day. I told her that I would take 2 vacation days with it then. Without batting an eyelash she blurted out these famous last words at me.

Work comes first, then family.

I don't think so I thought to myself. About a week later it was Labor Day weekend so my sister, brother and I went to visit our parents in Waco. Had a great time with them and heard even more how badly my Grandfather was doing. I came back to work that Tuesday and called my Dad and told him I wanted to quit my job and move to Waco. Can I stay with ya'll? He said okay so that day I gave my notice. My boss was flabbergasted when I told her I wanted to quit and was giving my two week notice. She kept demanding a different reason for quitting than the one I gave. I told her I wanted to quit because I wanted to move to Waco. She never took my answer as the real one. Oh well is all I'll say. I had been working for this company all my adult life, since I was 18 in fact. I loved the company but the current boss was wearing thin on my nerves. Once before I had tried to leave that department and go to another one but she more or less told me that I couldn't handle working anywhere else in the company. I wish I hadn't have let her intimidate me like she did. She had an employee spying on me but what made it really bad is that employee was a really close friend. I finally had enough is why I quit. I was 33 years old and about to make the biggest change and the best change of my life. More to follow tomorrow.