Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I'm really happy because my Mom and siblings are moving not far from us. Walking distance except I can't walk it of course. They'll be about 3 blocks from here. I'm sad though because her house is going to be foreclosed on in December. They were supposed to get a modification loan and the bank strung them along for about 7 months before demanding money and then informed them that even though they paid the money it didn't mean they would get approved for the mod loan. Rather than paying up and taking a chance of not having anywhere to go they found this place to rent not far from us. My brother has been getting sicker so it's a blessing just in case something happens with him. Really the only bad thing is my Dad is still in the VA in that town but still we'll be visiting him the same and I'll be able to take my Mom on Mondays too when I take Chris to work. The mobile home they'll be renting is huge and my sister will finally have a real room with a door instead of an alcove area. I'm hoping we can get them moved by Thanksgiving. We'll find out soon enough. The lease will be signed today. There's a window to be fixed and the deck railings on the front and back porch and a few cosmetic things. Some cleaning to be done too.


  1. sorry the good had to be brought on by horrible circumstances, Karen :( but at least you will all be close and easier to get to if needed.

  2. Thanks Diane. :) We're looking forward to the being closer. My kids especially can't wait.