Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thanks and an Update

Thanks everyone for the comments you leave on my blog. Unfortunately I can't comment back to your blogs or even post a comment back to you on my own blog. So I'm plugging along reading everything on your blogs but I wish I could leave comments. Oh well, maybe eventually I'll be able to again someday.

An update on my sister. She saw the surgeon yesterday and is set up to have her gall bladder removed on the 15th which is next Tuesday. The surgeon said he's not worried about the polyps since they'll be removing the whole gall bladder anyway. That was a relief to hear for sure. Now she has an appointment with her ob/gyn on Friday the 12th. Hopefully that's just follow up and there's still nothing going on with her for that stuff. Her biopsy came back clear that he did a week or so ago so that was a relief too.

1 comment:

  1. oh good!! are they doing the gallbladder surgery with that laproscope (sp?) thingy? makes it SO much easier.

    hope the good news continues to roll in ♥!