Saturday, August 29, 2009


we got Amanda's warrant paid on. She applied for a job with the local school district. It's to be
a food service handler which is the tecnical words for lunch lady. LOL. It'll be a perfect opportunity for her right now with her not having a car. She's got to have something close
to me since she's living here and I have to take her back and forth. Plus, she needs the hours
that work with the kids school hours too. She really likes the idea of getting off of work in the
early afternoon, being off on weekends, school holidays and then 3 months of summer too. She'd be able to go to school full time in the summer so I'm really hoping she'll get this job. She needs
to call the lady in charge on Monday morning to find out about being interviewed for it. They've
been advertising for someone for this job for about 6 months now so hopefully.........Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her.

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