Thursday, August 20, 2009

And Again........

we've let another family member move in with us. It's our niece this time. She's nothing like her brother John. Thank God for that. We're going to try to help her get on her feet. She got a ticket and lost her job before she could pay it so it turned into a warrant. It's a misdemeanor. She's been helping me a lot this past few weeks so I told her we'll just let her work off the money and once she does that we'll pay the initial payment on the warrant and then she'll be able to get a job and finish the payments herself. She'll be trying to save money for a car also so she'll be here quite a while. Its nothing like the situation with her brother though. She's a hard worker. Plus she won't be here on weekends cause she goes to her boyfriends apartment. We will still have our family time and I get adult company when Chris is gone. Her Mom hasn't been in her life since she was about 10 when her Dad got full custody of her and their other brother. Her Dad always had custody of John. I told her the other day that I always considered her mine anyway. She lived with us her Senior year of high school. I pushed her to go back and live with her Dad as soon as she graduated. I wish now I would have just let her stay with us. Maybe she would have gone to college or tech school. Her plan now is to try to get on with the local school district as a cafeteria worker. It'd be great hours so she could go to school in the evening eventually, plus, she'd have off weekends, school holidays and every summer. She could do school full time then for sure. If she can get that job it wouldn't be hard for me to get her back and forth from there until she can save enough money to get her own vehicle and insurance. Oh and another big thing is that she already has the respect for Chris and I and that makes it easy for us to respect her back.


  1. I hope it all works out well for everyone, Karen!

  2. Thanks Cyndy. This time it's a win-win situation so far.