Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wii Saturdays

We've been having my brother, sister and Mom coming over every Saturday since my new nephew was born on Feb. 7th. Finally my little sister brought him over and came and joined us for food and games. We've really been enjoying it so much. It's almost like old times when we were all growing up. My Dad won't ever come over anymore but that's because he's turned into a home body and doesn't go anywhere. Also his dementia is getting bad again. There for a while he seemed to be his old self. My older little sister said he cried the other day after seeing our little sister with her baby. He was saying stuff about wishing his Mom, Dad and sister had lived to see little sisters baby too. He turns 71 this year. His Dad passed just about 20 days after turning 72 so I know when he remembers about his Dad that it weighs heavily on his mind. Anyway, here's a few pics to share from Saturday.
He's so good for me. I hope he'll be as easy in
May when I get to keep him for the day.
Where's the baby? In Mommy's lap of course.
My older little sister. She says
she's the mean Aunt.
My brother didn't want his
picture taken but oh well.

He let my hubby hold him for a long time.
C said it was nice to hold a baby again. We
hardly ever get to see our niece on his
side of the family. :(
J really likes him. She didn't want
to at first because he's a boy.

He loves me best. I blame it on my
Red perfume.


  1. The Wii nights sound like a blast! And hey, you get to spend time with that sweet little baby so that works! It's nice that you all get together, share together and make new memories! I'm sorry about your dad. That must be hard to watch him go through. You have my prayers sweetie!

  2. He's a cutie! You have a beautiful family.