Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Product Changes

Okay I may be in a pissy mood but with all the economic changes that we're going through and having to worry about every little penny nowadays I feel like I was taken at the grocery store. I buy TV dinners for quick meals on nights that I just can't cook. Tonight was one of those nights. I usually get the Swanson Classic line but imagine my surprise when I opened the box tonight and there was only one chicken patty in it along with the mashed potatoes and corn of course but I thought there had to be a mistake. The box in my hand clearly stated chicken patties. I don't expect the meat portion to be large for a cheap TV dinner but if the plural from of the meat is mentioned isn't it normal to expect more than one piece? Well, since I thought it was a mistake I went to and looked at the product there. Lo and behold, they've changed the packaging to say chicken patty on there. I contacted the company about the packaging not matching but I bet nothing comes from it. You can tell also from the packaging that it was a change that had been made not too long ago because the meat portion of the dinner tray is huge. Why not make the packaging smaller. Trying to save money and fool the consumer is what I'm saying. Why not just keep the 2 pieces of chicken in the Swanson Classic Boneless Fried Chicken meal and up the price a little bit? I hate that I paid the same amount of money as always, expecting 2 pieces of chicken got one and had misleading information on the packaging. I hope I'm not the only person who complained. Oh and of course I've got pictures too. I contacted the company about this but I bet I'll never hear from them. Time to switch brands that are still consumer loyal.

The above is my package. It's hard to read but it clearly states chicken pattIES.

Swansons from their online site. Their package says chicken pattY.


  1. I think those things are a rip off anyway. You are better off buying a package of frozen patties and just cooking them. I think Tyson has them. I remember G eating those years ago. Instant potatoes and a can of corn and you're good to go.

  2. I know but there are some nights I can't do that even. :( The kids are good about fending for themselves but I'm just not ready to have them using the stove alone yet. LOL.

  3. Ugh! I would be upset as well and I am sure you are not the only one to complain. my MIL complained to betty crocker about taking the box top labels off of the cake mix - they sent her an envelope full of them! so dont give up too easily ;)
    and tyson has some good stuff that is quick. I don't even like courtney using the oven when I am not home, so I will pre bake their chicken nuggets, patties, diced chicken or whatever, add a couple of scoops of corn or beans, and then divide them up into those square ziplock storage tupperware-looking things ... the kids toss them in the microwave and viola! comes in VERY handy on soccer nights when we are all coming and going at the same time.
    it works with leftover chicken breasts and roasts as well. when I have the time to cook, I like to make extra and then change up the look of the meat so the kids don't *know they are getting leftovers.

  4. I never even thought about making my own ahead. I'll have to get some of those divided ones to use especially when we have good leftovers. :)

    The main thing that bothered me about it all was that I paid the same amount as before but got less food for the price. It actually might have even been a little more than the usual price I paid before now that I think about it.