Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Today should be a joyous day. My sister Kelly is having her baby boy Andrew today. Because of a family dispute she's disowned me and the rest of us. I wish she'd just disown me and still be in the good graces of my Mom and them. My heart is broken. I'm giving up on her ever being back in the family with us. I never thought I'd feel like I wasn't good enough for family but that's how I'm feeling. She's an orphan now with only her husband and children and her husband's family. Grudges aren't worth broken hearts that's for sure.

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  1. That's very sad. My sister and I are having a bad time these days too. But, I tolerate a lot. She doesn't even know how really angry I am with her. It makes things better for family holidays and the kids, but other than that, nothing is solved and I feel like a loser for backing down this way. Maybe no one wins in the long run.

    Happy New Year! (Forgot to post it on the other comment).