Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!  I hope this Christmas season finds you all well and happy.  We've been having a hard time financially since about June.  It's just been one thing after another after another.  I'm waiting for a settlement from a major insurance company and they keep delaying paying me every chance they get.  We've had several things break that I had to pull from bill money to pay because I didn't have that money yet.  I got a lawyer in July and was told it was a simple case, six to eight weeks.  Yeah its going on 5 months now.  The release was signed but then I was told that the insurance company didn't know I was married and now want my husband to sign the release.  They said its because Texas is a community state.  Whatever!  But because we've had such a hard time financially my kids aren't going to have a Christmas.  I've always managed before to get them things but since I was strung along by the lawyer as well as the insurance company and had to pull money from bill money its just not going to happen this year.  They never ask for anything huge either.  It seemed this year that every time we'd be recovering and able to be caught up with bills and maybe get to save  Chris's driving partner would be out for a month and then we'd have to start all over again.  As you all know his partner passed away out of the blue in October.  I thought that since I should be getting the settlement by Christmas that we wouldn't have to worry.  Uh, no......I know better than to count my chickens before they hatch but I had hope and was continually reassured that I'd have the settlement by Thanksgiving, then it was the next week, oh somebody must have gone on vacation and the last one was you'll have it for Christmas.  I don't think we will.  I'm proud of my children and the way they are handling the news that there's no gifts for Christmas.  We raised them that way but never ever have we not had anything for them.  I know Christmas isn't about the gifts and my children have never been about gifts for any season be it their birthdays or as in this case Christmas but just being strung along for 5 months has worn me to a frazzle.  I wanted to give them what they each wanted this year.  They never go for big ticket items.  Jessi just wants a couple of anime drawing books and Nick is always happy with video games even if they're cheap ones.  I never thought there'd be a Christmas where I have to choose to be able to feed us or give presents.  This post is mostly just a vent.  A place for me to get it off of my chest.  Chris doesn't really get it.  He thinks I should be able to call the insurance company and tell them give me my money but unfortunately it doesn't work that way.  I'd hate to see how they would have dragged it out if I hadn't have gotten a lawyer. 

Merry Christmas dear friends and followers.  May God bless and keep you this holiday season and bring you joy and blessings in the next year.

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