Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, Friday, Friday!

I'm so glad its Friday. I went to meet up with an old friend yesterday and forgot to take my meds because I was so excited to finally get to see her. I've got to quit forgetting them. I already took them this morning so I'm good to go. I couldn't take them by the time I realized I forgot them because it was in the evening before it hit me that I was so tired because of that.

My friend is doing well. She has a huge family thing going on but I'm pretty sure she'll land on her feet. It's about time that she put herself first is all I'm going to say. Stay strong friend.

Hubby isn't going to be home til Sunday afternoon and goes right back out to work again on Monday morning so it'll be a fast weekend. I'm going to get this place cleaned back up (its not a mess though) so I don't have to do anything but pamper him as much as I can on Sunday.

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