Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hubby made it home Saturday night about 9 p.m. It was a very short weekend for him. He should be home early Thursday morning this time. He snored all Saturday night so I didn't get much sleep and then Sunday night I had indigestion so not much sleep then either. Monday night I was in bed by 8 and dozing by 9. I had chills and a slight fever. Just enough to feel bad. I think I was just exhausted. Today is better. Thank goodness the kids are big enough now that I don't have to watch their every move. I try not to scare them when I feel bad since its almost always just them and I when I do get sick. I told them I was just tired from not sleeping this weekend. I want to look into the Red Cross and see if they offer a safety training class still. They did when I was a teenager but that was like 30 years ago. LOL. It wouldn't hurt them to learn the basics and I think they'd enjoy it too.

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