Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Trees

I have my extended family tree online at Ancestry.com. Well a distant cousin sent a question about who was who in a picture of my paternal great grandmother with my Dad as a little boy with his sister. I sent back the reply about who was who and she mentioned that my paternal great grandfather was the son of his grandparents. Boy, you'd think family would have the right info. I guess it was hidden from the children that Grandpa was actually a nephew and not a brother like they thought huh? I told the distant cousin that he should have been a H*****s instead of a M****y and she told me that she thought we had his Mom wrong. Well, I just spent a few hours going through census and voter registrations from the 1800's and finally figured out his Mom was Sarah and not Elizabeth like we thought. That makes me feel so much better because Elizabeth would have been maybe 12 years old when she had him whereas Sarah was almost 16. My Mom will be glad to know that I figured out who his Mom was too. I have my Mom's handwritten notes and his half siblings are what she had listed and match with Sarah as their Mother instead of Elizabeth. When my Mom first started looking into the genealogy of my Granny's side of the family my Granny was so ashamed that her Dad was born on the wrong side of the blanket. She finally told my Mom though because her Dad is listed as living with his maternal Grandparents as a grandson on all the Census records and it would have come out when she wouldn't have been able to find his Dad anywhere. My Great Grandfather was never raised with his half siblings and always lived with the Grandparents. In fact, his Grandmother was listed on the Census records as living with him and his family during her last year of life. I find all this family genealogy fascinating. You never know who you'll be related to also. So far I've found one 2nd cousin, 1 3rd cousin and I don't know how many times removed this cousin that just contacted me would be but like she said she doesn't like using the word removed because then it sounds like you've been disowned for one reason or another. LOL. She sounds like my kind of cousin.


  1. hey Karen heres a site that can help you make the buttons work on your blog Thanks again for making one for me I posted a thank you for you on my blog!!!


  2. Thanks Dena. I'm going to give it a try.