Thursday, July 9, 2009


I got my first blog award from my friend Cyndy. She can be found at Thanks Cyndy!
I tried to think of something I really, really treasure and I finally realized pictures are my heart treasures. I'm especially fond of the old sepia tone pics from the 20's and 30's that I loved looking at in my grandparents photo albums. PIctures of my kids at Christmas with crazy t-shirts or antlers on their heads are another on going theme in my own albums. I also take pics of my kids in the wildflowers every year, especially the bluebonnets. But my all time favorite photos will always be pics of my kids, family members and just people in general from the backside. I always joke that I'm going to come out with a coffee table photo book called the Backside of Life and have nothing but backs of people for people to look at. I think it puts a different perspective on the more normal angle of pictures that we usually take. Anyway here are some of my favorite pictures that I treasure as keepsakes. Short explanations follow each group of pictures. Enjoy!

This is my all time favorite picture of my kids.
It was taken at the cemetery where my paternal
grandparents are buried in Dallas, TX.

This is a pic of the kids on Halloween 2001. They were
almost 3 and 5. They're dressed as Mimi and Drew Carey
and they won 2nd place at the local mall for the costume

This was taken after my maternal

grandmothers funeral in March 2006.

My favorite pics combined. Backside and
bluebonnets. Taken last year in 2008.
We missed this years crop.

Easter 2007 we had snow after the bluebonnets
bloomed. Gorgeous in the snow!

I love doing crazy Christmas shots with
my kids. These were each used for
Christmas cards during different years.

My husband Chris with his Grandfather and his
brother Alan. Papaw was almost 100 when this
picture was taken by me.

Papaw passed a few years ago at the age
of 101. I got this shot of my BIL Alan, Nicky
and Chris just by chance. It just seems to
be leading from the pic above into the
next generation.

This is my maternal Grandfather
Ivy and his BIL Shorty at a
Louisiana carnival in the 30's.

My maternal grandparents
Ivy and Ruby. Circa 1937.

My maternal grandfathers
and my all time favorite
picture of my Dad with his
sister Shirley. Definitely taken
during World War 2. He's in an
army uniform and she's in a red cross
uniform that were both made by
my Grandmother.


  1. Incredible pics Karen! I love that Halloween one!!! I love the shots from behind too. I love when they don't know you are there taking them and you can wonder what they are thinking about.

  2. You gotta love that Cyndy. ;o)
    I love these pictures! I kept thinking, oh, that one's my favorite...then I'd see another one. I love them all!

  3. oh this are awesome pictures....some are truly breath taking.
    Congrats on winning an award!!!!!

  4. Your pictures are wonderful. I love the idea for your book. I would, of course, expect an autographed copy :o)

    One of my favorite pictures of J and M was supposed to be from the back. they turned around at the last second and both gave a "thumbs up" sign. I love it even more!!

  5. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate the comments about my fave pics. That picture of J and M sounds awesome Kathy. It's even better than just from the back.