Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Tags.......

for Autumn can be found at Grab It Graphics. Click on my button to the right to go there. I hope that works anyway. LOL.

Everything's going pretty good. Nothing to really write about. We're all healthy and happy. My niece Amanda is doing well in her job. My Uncle was diagnosed with dementia. I need to plan a weekend to take my Mom to see him. This weekend would be perfect if we had gas money but it was a payday of too many bills and not enough paycheck so hopefully we can go maybe the next payday. We'll see.


  1. I know the whole too many bills not enough paycheck thing!!! Glad that things are going good for you though!

  2. Thanks Dena. I finagled some bills so we'll be able to take my Mom to see my Uncle now.

  3. Just like us and a few others I guess . . money's too tight to mention. Glad that you managed to sort the money and can go see your family now :)