Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching Up

Christmas was nice. We saw my Dad on the Sunday before and had a pretty good visit with him. Nicky didn't go and neither did Chris but Jessie went with me along with my Mom, sisters and baby Phillip. Dad kept trying to make Jessie Phillip's sister instead of his cousin and of course he can't remember the baby is his littlest grandchild. He's physically improving but mentally he is getting worse. He hasn't totally forgotten me yet but he can't put a name to my face anymore. At least he knows I'm a daughter and not an in law. I think its because my sister Cheryl and I do favor enough and even though I'm bigger than she is I think that confuses him. Also I don't get to get up there as often as I'd like to. It's hard with Chris on the road and then also having to drive 30 miles one way plays on me physically too. I usually only get to Waco on Mondays and Fridays when I'm taking Chris to or picking him up from work. It's just too expensive and hard on my body to drive there more than that. Anyway, Christmas was nice. Weird but nice. We got together with my family at my sister Kelly's new house on Christmas eve. We had a good time and my Mom only cried when she first got there. I don't know how she does it. She's always been strong but its got to be so hard for her to for a better word grieve my Dad whenever she goes home after seeing him. We left Christmas morning and went and saw Chris's Mom. We had a great visit with her. BIL and his family did not show up to see us until Monday after and we left that afternoon so we didn't get a good visit at all with them. Their new baby is so sweet. He's easy going too and is going to be more advanced than big sister was. He's already turning over and I bet he'll be crawling in no time. His sister is turning out to be so smart and pretty. I can see a resemblence between Jessie and her. There's 8 years difference between them in age though so it'll be awhile before its more noticeable I think. We came home the Monday after Christmas day and didn't do much for the rest of Chris's vacation. We were supposed to take a ride out to Hico and Dublin, Texas one of the days but I was swollen really bad from all the riding we'd been doing and I just didn't feel up to a day trip. Hico is where Billy the Kid ended his days according to local folklore. We were going to go to the museum they have there and then eat at the Koffee Kup restaurant that's famous for its pies. In Dublin we were going to go to the last place in Texas that makes Dr Pepper with imperial pure cane sugar still. I can't believe now that is what we used to drink when I was a kid and that all soft drinks had sugar in them. They are so much sweeter than todays drinks. Hopefully we'll get to do this day trip when the kids are out of school for Spring break. We survived the arctic freeze that came through the country last week. All we had was extremely cold temperatures. This is one time I didn't mind not getting any of the snow or ice that came with that storm for places north of us.

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