Monday, December 21, 2009

The Most Wonderful Mother In Law

in the world is not married to my Father in Law. His current wife is beyond beyotchy but that's a story for another blog day.

My wonderful Mother in Law showed up at my Mom's house about 8:30 p.m. Saturday evening. She and her best friend Janet made a road trip from Marshall all the way to Waco. It's about a 3 1/2 trip one way so she went way above and beyond being the most wonderful Mother in Law in the world. If you follow my blog you know my Dad is in the VA because of Dementia and not being able to walk. My Mom lives with 2 of my siblings and my sister Cheryl is mostly responsible for all the financial stuff. My Mom's and Dad's social security barely covers their mortgage, bills and medications and sometimes like now my Mom's meds fall into the gap range and she/Cheryl has to pay full amount for them. She's gone a few days here and there without insulin because of it. Anyway, my most wonderful Mother in Law brought down a Christmas basket that her church gave out to the needy. It was supposed to be a Christmas basket but Mother in Law added to it. Family takes care of family is her motto and in my family the words married into/step/half or whatever the relationship is doesn't exist. Family is family. (Father in Law and his current wife do not believe in this motto. Their motto is money is better than blood...again a blog entry for another time. Maybe a scary story for Halloween next year) Anyway, she and her friend Janet brought down a carload of a Christmas basket. 12 rolls of paper towels (I thought of you Lori), multi packs of kleenex, 36 rolls of toilet paper, the big bottle of Tide detergent and Gain too, multiple can goods, 10 pounds of beans, a huge box of rice, bunches of hamburger meat, a Ham and a ton of other stuff too. I can't even list it all. This lady is definitely on Santa's nice list. I can't wait to see her on Friday and give her the biggest hug. Her explanation of why they brought it down early? It just didn't make any sense to unload it from my Brother in Law's truck, put it in her house and freezer and then load it all up again on Thursday back into his truck so he could bring it down on Christmas eve and she felt up to a road trip anyway. What did it matter that she didn't get home until after 1 a.m. that night and had Christmas services at church the next morning? To her it didn't matter and that brings to mind the old saying from Dr. Seuss.........Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. (paraphrased) I'm glad my Mother in Law is a person that MATTERS.


  1. hello karen in texas,
    i was just browsing the blog world and read a few of your entries. sometimes it is fun to see what other people are thinking out there. i hope everything turns out ok with your dad. happy new year!

  2. Thanks Cyndy. We want to take her to Disneyworld if we ever get to go and if we do you'll get to meet her too.

    Thanks Jen for stopping by. I appreciate the kind words.