Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

A nice Wednesday. That's what we had. LOL. After running around all weekend at my Mother in Law's house we needed just an easy day. Well, sort of easy. Chris had a doctor appointment. He's been having a few things going on with him. Not bad but come to find out it might be from the cholesterol medication he takes. The 3 things he complained about match up for side effects with what he takes. I knew it had to be something easier than the hernia he has. The things he's been complaining about came around way before the hernia too. My hubby is just a wee bit of a hypochondriac at times. We've got good insurance though so better he get checked out. It was time for a follow up with the doctor anyway. He's gained 7 pounds since October 2009 so that's not bad but he really needs to cut down again. He's done it with controlling not eating red meat or fried foods but we were kind of lax lately so its back to the basics again for him plus portion control. We're going to go and buy him some resistance bands so he can do the exercises for them while lying in the bunk of the truck. That plus walking should work for him. We're also going to finally get some money saved to get an exercise bike at home. I can't go walking with him because of my neurapathy. It sucks because I used to walk all the time before they got bad but I will be able to do the bike at home. Anyway the doctor told him to start taking a Prilosec or the generic of it every day and we'll see how that goes. If it doesn't help then we'll have to see about it being the hernia. Also, he's going to get a sleep apnea test done. His brother and father both have it so better safe on that also. I don't think he has it but we'll see. After we went to the doctor we had a late breakfast and took lunch back to the kids and my Mom and brother. We had left the kids there so we wouldn't hear how bored they were at the doctor's office. We finally got to go and see Shrek too. I loved it! It's a nice finish to the story of Shrek but I still want more. LOL. We finished up the day with some wonderful Chinese food for dinner. Like I said it was a nice Wednesday. :D

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  1. Glad to hear it was a nice wednesday for ya :) hope the change in meds helps out - side effects SUCK!

    love the new layout and background too :)