Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mom and Dad

This video broke my heart yesterday. It sucks my Dad has to be in the hospital but we don't have the means or money to take care of him at home. My Dad's birthday is July 12th and then they're 50th anniversary is August 10th. They shouldn't have to be apart but there's no reason for my Mom to be in a home. We're just lucky that my Dad is a veteran. Not of any wars because he was too young for World War 2 and Korea and too old and too many kids for Vietnam but he still served his country for about 7 years or so by being in the Navy in the late 50's and then the reserve during the early 60's. If he hadn't served I don't know how we could get him the help he needs now that he has dementia so badly. Anyway, at least we have him at a local VA and can go and see him when we want but still its hard to see him like he is now. I miss my Dad so much.


  1. aww karen, this left me teary eyed. i understand what you feel. i miss my dad too.

    Underneath His Wrapping

  2. (((Karen))) I know how hard this is on you. And even if you had the money to take care of your dad, it's too hard on families to do that. I think he's right where he needs to be, being taken care of & having his needs met. That's a lot for you or anyone else to do 24/7.

  3. Thanks Ruth and Lori. I know you're right Lori but I guess guilty feelings just overwhelmed me when I was writing this post. I just hate that my Mom is all alone after 50 years together. I know she's broken hearted and there's really nothing that I can do that will help. I guess that's why I have the guilty feelings because of the helplessness I'm feeling for her.