Monday, September 20, 2010


it's been a quiet week. Still no hot water. We thought the water heater was working again but it wasn't. We did get one last hot shower out of it each at least. Thursday we have to get 4 new tires and an all wheel alignment so there goes $400. The water heater with installation will be another $600. Just hoping the paycheck will be big enough to cover both. We might have to wait another week or so on it anyway cause Chris might be out til next week. I have a phobia about workmen/workwomen being in my home when my hubby isn't so if Chris isn't home I'm not having the water heater done. Its bad enough I have to go and get the tires done. I don't think its a man's job or anything but I do so much of the home stuff on my own and have for the past 10 years I like to have Chris do what he can when he's home. He always does the yard work of course because I refuse to use his riding lawnmower. If something happened to that baby I'd never hear the end of it. I don't use his upright vacuum for that reason either. Every one I've ever touched has gone to the vacuum graveyard. We have a quick stick one that I use that's batter operated. I don't have a good record when it comes to vacuum's is all I can say. I've been waiting for House to come back and it finally has. It's off to a great start from what I can tell so far. Don't forget to breathe when you're watchign it tonight Diane!


  1. oh it was a tough one, Karen! ha ha

    the scene with his leg choked me up, and then when he finally said it (I won't give too much away because I know Lori missed it - sorry) he looked SO scared. I can't wait til next week tho!!

    I feel you on the phobia thing. I hate having workmen in the house when steve isn't home, but mine comes from a bad experience with a kirby guy. I thought I was going to have to call the police to get him out of my house - at 10PM!! I shudder thinking about it.

    hope everything is taken care of soon. sorry the string of bad luck is running it's way thru your house :(

  2. Thanks Diane. I really need to go back and rewatch [H]ouse because I missed a little bit of it cause everybody decided to call. I need to rewatch Glee too because I was arguing with Chris tonight because his paycheck is screwed up. Still on the bad luck path here. I swear we've been good and I have no idea why we're getting our asses kicked so badly now.