Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh, the Weather Outside was Frightful......

yesterday. I've never been scared of rainstorms but yesterday we had major RAAAIIIINNN and it was scary even for me. Our little bitty town didn't flood but the rest of our county apparently got a good bit of rain and the flooding was everywhere. We're not far from Ft. Hood (about 35 miles) which is a good thing because the soldiers were definitely needed to help. There was a mobile home park in Nolanville that flooded and a mobile home floated away with a lady inside of it. Very scary for me since that's what we live in too. We're on a hill so I don't have to worry about floating away but maybe sliding down the hill instead. LOL. Temple lost power for most of the day but I heard this morning that almost everyone has it back again. It's just too hot and wet to have to suffer sitting around in the dark too. There was one fatality where a car tried to drive across a flooded roadway and the driver drowned. Remember, if you come across a roadway filled with water to turn around, don't drown!


  1. people will never get that. they think that where they are headed is more important than their lives ... ??? ... stay safe, Karen!

  2. We had a tragic situation here with a girl who drove under a flooded viaduct and her car became stuck. She and her friends got out of the car to push the car out and with the rush of the water, she was actually drawn in forcefully to an open manhole cover. Despite her friends effort and a policeman who was nearby, they were unable to pull her out and she drowned. I think that changed everyone's perspective on avoiding flooded areas and how quickly life can change :(