Saturday, August 28, 2010

As If.........

I don't have enough to worry about. Chris went for his sleep study last night and it was determined he does have sleep apnea just like his brother and dad. We don't know official results but he said they woke him up and put him on a CPap machine because all the bells and whistles went off. We don't know if its because he stopped breathing which is the major reason for a CPap machine or if he's like his brother and just snoring so loud that its waking him up. I didn't doubt he had it but while waiting for him to get tested it was almost like he wanted to have it. I'm glad its all figured out that he needs something. Now we just gotta wait and find out. I guess we'll both be learning this together.


  1. ((KAREN))
    we have a friend that sleeps with a CPap machine. he said it took some getting used to, but it was worth it.
    hope it all goes smoothly

  2. Thanks Diane. Now he's talking about his hernia and knees again. I swear he's the worst hypochondriac I know. LOL.

  3. Put him out to pasture! Or threaten to! LOL I'm sure he'll be fine and it sounds like he does enough worrying for you both so try not to worry as much!

  4. Thanks Lori. I threatened that this weekend but he still whined about how bad he probably has sleep apnea. He knows because his driving partner for work has it and his partner knows more than any doctor does don'tcha know? @@ Yeah, right Carl doesn't know crap! It's been years since he was diagnosed and Chris isn't anywhere near the size that Carl is. That man drives me crazy and Chris drives me even crazier cause he listens to his crap. I usually straighten him out pretty quick but this time we have to wait to hear from the doctor before I can voice my opinion cause sleep apnea I don't know so much about yet. I figured we'll learn as we go like most people do.