Saturday, August 7, 2010

Except for the heat....

we had a really nice day. We went and got chicken and sides for my Dad and went up to the V.A. to see him. He was able to be out of bed today so we weren't all crowded in his room. He looked good for him. He had on his World's Greatest Grandpa shirt that my sister Kelly gave him when she found out she was pregnant with Phillip. It looked good on him but you could definitely tell he lost even more weight than what he has already. He didn't want to eat at first but once he got started on the chicken there was no stopping him. He got weepy a few times when we would mention some of the people from his family like his Aunts and Uncles but he never came to full blown tears at least. I forgot my camera today. I really need to get a good shot of him and my Mom. Hopefully I'll be able to get up there next Sunday. We need to drop the kids off then to spend the night anyway so it'd be a good day for Chris to go and see him too. We'll see what happens. I've learned I have better luck if I don't plan on things.

My Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary is on Tuesday, August 10th. We won't be celebrating it though because it would just upset my Dad that he couldn't be home. I know that my Mom is really upset. She's trying to be strong but she's gone through so much this year of not getting to be with him. I kind of wish she would break down but then again I sure don't want to see her lose it. I know she would feel better because when I finally broke down about my Dad a few months ago I felt a lot better. It's really weird for me, almost like I'm grieving my Dad, but then he'll have a good day like today and I feel a little guilty for the grieving. Okay, enough of the maudlin stuff.

I was thinking that for Chris and I to be married 50 years I will be 84 and him 74 and Nicky will be my age of 49. Really weird how that works out like that. I hope we make it. :D


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!
    I don't even want to think about our 50th -lol. hopefully you will have another great visit next weekend :)