Friday, August 20, 2010

This, That and Weird In Laws

Miss Emma got out of the hospital yesterday. Boy what a relief! I was so worried for her and the whole family. It's going to be a total lifestyle change for everybody but they're going to be good at it when they get it all figured out..

If you've read my blog for a while you know that we have had a falling out (7 years now) with my father in law and his wife. Quick backstory on it. My mother in Law and he divorced when hubby was about 11. He was a cheater from year one she said and why she stayed with him and his cheating ways is her story to tell. He cheated with a cousin by marriage to her so it was really bad. They married and I guess he continued to cheat on 2nd wife. They divorced and he met his current wife after that. He told her all kinds of lies about my mother in law and she proceeded to tell them to me 3 days after hubby and I married so she definitely has been on my bad side forever. She's about 20 years younger than him and only a few years older than me so she's never really called me her daughter in law and I'm definitely not her style of person. She picks and chooses her friends as to how they will benefit her life. I can't imagine just having friends like that. I would have missed out on a lot of wonderful people otherwise. Anyway, she's a loudmouth and thinks everyone should live like she wants them too. She was always saying things about my kids, about how big my daughter was at the age of 4 and how they were her husband's grandchildren. Finally, we stopped seeing them after hubby's father came to our house to see if we had heard anything from hubby's brother. Not to see us, the kids or to even see how we were doing but to ask about brother in law. Oh and to show off a new car they wanted to buy. Anyway, long story, and I could go on and on about them but that's plenty for now. If father in law wasn't with his current wife I have no doubt that he'd be in my children's lives. He also doesn't have any personal friends left from before they married. She's driven them all off with her attitude. Okay stopping that story now. What's really sad is they only live about 20 minutes from us. My kids are definitely missing out but I guess "Grandpa" doesn't think about them since he's got the two younger ones in his life now. :(

Anyway, they went down to see Emma while she was in the hospital. Okay that makes sense. Go and see her, make sure she's getting better and come home. Nope. They're staying until Sunday. They're not staying with brother in law and his family. They're staying at the Hilton. My mother in law told hubby that they've been at the Hilton more than they've been to see Emma or the family. I guess father in law decided he needed a vacation. Just doesn't make sense. His stupid wife had the gall to ask that they let Emma come home with them. I couldn't believe hubby when he told me that. Emma just got out of the hospital yesterday. She barely saw an Endocronologist today. They're just getting her started on the right dosages of insulin and they don't know what all everything will do to her yet when it comes to food and exercise. My father in law is diabetic but its type 2. Type 1 is a whole other ballgame especially when its in a child. Father in law's wife has been begging for Emma to come and stay a few weeks throughout the summer is what my sister in law has told me and she's told her no. Emma's not ready to spend the night with my mother in law who is local and maybe only 10 minutes from home. This was way before she was diagnosed with diabetes too. So can you imagine how she'd be being 4 hours from home with a Grandma she doesn't really care for? When Emma was in the hospital they brought a stuffed animal and balloons and when they left they told Emma they'd see her tomorrow. She told them she didn't want to see them unless they brought her another toy. Wow! Out of the mouths of babes for sure. Kids can see through people. Mine saw through her but because my Mom brought me up correctly I took 7 years of abuse from that woman before I finally said no more. It took her downing my children and finally my father in law before I said no more. Anyway brother in law said no way and now father in law's wife is mad at him. Maybe brother in law will finally get it and talk to his Dad about everything that she has said to my sister in law. My hubby never would but he did finally have enough and we stopped seeing them. I just wish father in law knew why we pulled away. I'm sure his wife has lied about a lot of stuff. Going by stories brother in law and sister in law have told me I know she has because she took stuff that happened in our home (kids throwing keys at tv and coloring on tv) and said they happened at her house. @@ (that's an eyeroll) Anyway that's the backstory on father in law and his wife or part of it anyway. My children are worth more to me than having to live UP to her example of life.


  1. family drama is horrible. I feel sorry for your FIL because he allows someone else to dictate his relationships with blood. I've seen this happening with another friend's family as well and it just breaks my heart.
    hopefully one day grandpa will see that his love life does NOT have to affect his family life.

  2. Thanks Diane. It's really been bothering more this past year but I think its because of what my Dad is going through. We've got one Grandpa who can't help it and the other Grandpa who can but won't. The other day Jessie asked who her Daddy's Dad was. Broke my heart.