Saturday, August 21, 2010


The kids start back to school on Monday. I think they're as ready to go back as I am for them to go back. LOL. They'll both be in the same school again. I can't believe I have two middle schoolers this year. Next year I'll have a Freshman in high school. Yikes! The years have just flown by. It seems just like yesterday that they were this little and more worried about how they looked for Halloween than anything else.

This was the last year I got to choose their costumes. They went as Drew Carey and Mimi from the Drew Carey show and they won second place in the costume contest at the Mall. They were 3 and almost 5. Now its just about the pumpkins and they don't like to trick or treat anymore.

So who knows what this school year will bring? I'm hoping they'll have a wonderful time being back in the same school together. I guess we'll find out soon enough.


  1. OMGosh what a cute picture from years ago! It's just so hard on us moms realizing how fast the time is going. They want to rush it and we want it to just stop!

  2. I know! Time really does fly by and my kids are doing just like I remember at their ages. Whining about school and counting down the years til they're out of school. I'd love to go back and just have school to worry about again. Thanks Lori.