Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy October

Another month started and days being counted my daughter Jessie. She turns 13 on October 8th and can't wait. She wants a kitten for her birthday and while I was not considering another pet it turns out that it is a good idea. Our cat Skylar is also 13. We rescued her 11 or so years ago from Fuzzy Friends which is a local rescue center in the area. She's a wonderful part of our family. We did have another cat a few years ago but had to take her to the pound because she went crazy on us and started attacking Chris and then she started attacking me. It was all out of the blue and because the kids were still very little it scared me. Both of our dogs are fine with cats too. I'll be looking on Friday to see what fits with us. Jessie's not being choosy either. My choice is female. She's okay with that. Then I'm to try to find her a striped kitten, any color and if that can't be found her next choice is like a Siamese coloring and then it doesn't matter if either of those choices can't be found. So Friday can't come soon enough for her. LOL.

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