Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Nothing much going on. Chris's partner finally (since the 4th of July he was off) came back to work. Now maybe I won't have to finagle the bills so much anymore. It does make a difference having a partner team drive and there won't be any lets see if we have anything for you as to where he'll be going. Also there won't be in one day and back out the next day either. We shouldn't be using so much gas anymore. In January Chris will get a dedicated single line run which means he'll be by himself and know exactly what he'll be doing every week. He's going to try to be home on Friday and Saturdays so he can go to the band stuff and have a weekend (sort of) with the family. That's the news on his job.

I took my Mom to the eye doctor today. Her eyes are about 20/40 or 20/50 and everything is all good on there not being any diabetes in her eyes. They're also really good on pressure and the nerves and muscles so no cataract surgery until she's uncomfortable and wanting it. She was scared they'd want her to have it now.

Band is going well for Nicky. He's been excited about marching at the football games. Their first home game is this Friday but I won't be able to go. Chris has no idea when he'll be home and my luck would be he'd come home when I first got there. I'd rather not plan to go just in case and if he gets home in time then yeah we get to go. School is going well for Nicky. His grades are good except for Algebra but he's brought it up and I'm pretty sure he'll have it somewhere in the 80's by the time he does the test for the first six weeks of school.

Jessie is doing well in school so far. She decided not to do Volleyball after all. She's already failing math but that's her disability coming into play. As long as she passes the class is all that matters and right now she's just 4 points below. I think she can do it as long as she doesn't get frustrated. Her other classes are all 80's and 90's. Poor girl is just not math efficient. Ask her to read, write a story, spell or enjoy Science and you wouldn't know she had a disability. She's well rounded and that's all that matters to me. Math was never my strong point either and I'm not going to have her so frustrated that it ruins her school years.

That's about all thats been going on for us. Summer was ruined because of how hard Chris had to work and him being home only 1 day a week if that. I'm just hoping Carl doesn't have anything else happen between now and Christmas.

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  1. Well, it looks like your life is about like mine. Tonight is the first home game. It's cold and wet here in AR. My granddaughter is a cheerleader and they will dance tonight. I dread it because the team is really bad this year. My daughter was in band I always enjoyed seeing her march. I love the fall of the year. I hope you have a great week. Doylene