Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last Saturday

Nov. 18th was fun. I took my Mom and sister Cheryl Christmas shopping that morning. We went and saw my Dad for lunch. Took him Church's chicken and he ate it up. It was a nice visit and he was in a good mood too. After that we went and shopped some more. Then my brother Patrick called and asked if my husband would co-sign for him a truck. I told him no so then my sister Cheryl ended up co-signing for him in spite of not having a driver's license. She was so upset because he only had a year to go on his Durango and now its all back to square one. He got a Chevy Silverado quad cab so at least he can still have room for them all in it. The reason he needs a co-signer is because he's on disability and has no other income. I doubt he'll ever help pay the bills or for food but I don't live there so I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one. The last time I opened my mouth and gave my opinion I lost my little sister Kelly. I haven't seen her since mid-March or spoken to her since April 1st. Its on her though because I've been trying to get a response from her each month but all I ever get to do is leave a voice mail on her cell phone. I took Amanda to her doctor appointment yesterday. She's contracting but still not dialated. Unless she has the baby this next week they'll be doing a c-section on her on Nov. 30th. While I was waiting for her in the waiting room my sister Kelly came in. I just happened to glance up from the magazine I was reading and saw her. She saw me and gave me a look that looked right through me and sat down. I waited a couple of seconds and then went over to her and told her I just wanted to say hi, I love you and bye. Then I went and sat back down. I put the magazine up where she couldn't see that I was close to tears. A few minutes later I glanced in her direction but saw that she moved where she couldn't see me. I finished the magazine and was looking up at the TV when her husband came through the door into the reception area. Kelly must have texted him about seeing me because he didn't come through the waiting room but went in through the reception door to wait for her. I've tried to make amends. I've railed at her. I've apologized. I've cried but after the look she gave me yesterday (Monday) I'm done. I know that I've tried the best I can and now its up to her. The bad thing is she's pregnant and due at the end of December with a little boy. She told my Mom about the baby in an email. :( I found her registered on Target so I was able to send her a baby gift for him but haven't, of course, heard that she got it or not. Last I knew it was on her front porch. They're naming him Andrew Cole. I can just hope and pray that she'll come around and let us know him and get to know Phillip all over again someday. Til then our family feels broken when we should be having a wonderful, happy time expecting two new babies into the family.

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