Friday, October 23, 2009

Doesn't make sense does it?

Well its been a heck of a week. First some strange lady named J******* G******* decided she wanted to be a member of www.your**** (imagine the f word for the astericks) and used her credit card to sign up for it but........she used my email address to sign up with. Doesn't make any sense for someone to sign up and pay $39.95 a month and then use the wrong email addy does it? Not to me either. I tried to use the info in the emails to cancel the account so I wouldn't get the porn emails that were being sent to me but without her credit card number I couldn't. These were awful emails and had porn in them. I only opened the first one because it said order confirmation and was seeing what I had ordered that I had forgotten about. I've ordered stuff before and forgotten so it made sense to me at the time. So I called the 800 number to tell them they needed to cancel the emails and the account since I wasn't the correct receiver but they wanted my name. It was bad enough they had my email address I sure didn't want them to have my name. The lady (she had an asian accent so I'm pretty sure I wasn't calling someone in the USA) told me that privacy required them to have my full name. I told her that's crazy cause I wasn't going to give my name to just anybody who answered the phone first. I asked for the manager, she put me on hold for a couple of minutes and came back and said she couldn't do a thing without my name. I said okay you can have my first name. It's Karen. Still she would not even put a note on the account that the wrong email address was being used because she didn't have my full name. @@ I did a lot of eye rolling at that one. Finally she told me to contact the company at an email address that I finally found in one of the emails. It's surrounded by so much junk it was hard to find. I sent them an email explaining the situation, threatening to take them to court to sue their asses for sending me unsolicited porn and telling them they better not send me another email unless it was saying this mistake was all cleared up. I just went off on them. Anyway, at midnight my time I got two emails from the company. One stating the account was cancelled and another stating again that the account was cancelled but that the free trial was still ongoing until it ran out. Funny how within an hour of my phone call and sending that email they cancelled the account. I could have posted all kinds of crap on that ladies profile for that site and caused her all kinds of problems with it too but my Mom didn't raise me that way. Like I told my husband I don't care what people do online but when they drag me into it its a whole different story.

Then yesterday I decided that since I had to drive my kids to the bus stop because of it raining I would just drive over to my niece Amanda's apartment and go ahead and pick her up and save her boyfriend a trip to my house since it was raining so hard. I get to her place and knock on the door and two strangers answer. I say where's Amanda? They have no idea who I'm talking about. They say they moved into the apartment on Saturday. Yesterday was Thursday. Manda was off on Monday but had been at my house on Tuesday and Wednesday and never said a word about moving. I head back home but decide to make a stop at Starbucks for a latte but their electricity was knocked out from the storm. I get home finally and Amanda gets here finally about 8:30. I ask her straight off when did they move and she lies to me and says they moved on Tuesday. Yeah right. Tuesday she worked until 12:30 a.m. and was at my house all day from 8:15. I told her the people said they moved in on Saturday and she said they didn't. Those people don't know me and have no reason to lie to me but Manda does. Come to find out they couldn't pay the rent there because boyfriend needed her paycheck to pay on the car he just got from his cousin. She has nothing to show from working 2 jobs but says that car is half hers. Why in the hell would she want half of a junk car? They're living with his Aunt. Manda is ashamed of it and didn't want to tell me. Why not tell me? Because I told her exactly what kind of guy her boyfriend is. If he wants a car so bad why not work 2 jobs. She's working 2 jobs but yet he can't? Doesn't make sense does it?

Then today, Friday, I put off picking up Chris when he first comes in because I'm waiting for Manda to get here so she won't have to sit out in the cold waiting on me to get back. 8:30 comes and no Manda. I go and get Chris and we get back and there's no Manda waiting on the front steps for us. I have no way to reach her even though I bought a prepaid phone so I could reach her but she won't keep minutes on it so I call her boyfriend at work. I say where's Manda? He says she's at home. I tell him a phone call would have been nice. He says she's got a ride. I say still a phone call would have been nice and hang up on him. She's supposed to go to work today at 5 so I'm going to call her at work which I don't like to do and never would do but I have to tell her since she had a ride today she can use the same person from now on. I'm done giving her a ride to work. She's not a baby. She's 24 years old and if she can't and her boyfriend won't at least have the decency to call me and let me know she's okay (I didn't care about the ride) she can just use the same person to get a ride from now on to work. As long as this boy is in the picture (boy because a man doesn't use people like he does) I can't help her out any more. Until she decides she's worth more to herself than just having a man in her life I just can't do it any more. I don't like the mentality she has about if she doesn't have a man its not a good life. @@ Doesn't make sense does it?

Then for lunch today (still Friday), we ordered take out from a mexican restaurant. I ordered the sour cream chicken stacked enchiladas with rice and refried beans. Caught that the beans were charro beans at the restaurant but got all the way home and found that they didn't give either of us rice. Doesn't make sense does it? Rice is the side dish for nearly every entree on the menu. @@ On a good note I called and the manager apologized and is going to send us a couple of coupons for a free dinner. Now hopefully we'll actually get the coupons. That's the last few days in my week. Hope this all made sense.


  1. None of that makes sense at all! I hope next week is better and Amanda gets her head out of her butt!

  2. Yeah well if she does I'll never know. I waited for her to call me and she never did. I called her at work and lit into her and yeah I shouldn't have called her at work but I have no other way to reach her and I have no idea where they live now. I told her since she had a ride today (Friday) then she had a ride for tomorrow and that I wouldn't be taking her to work anymore. I told her a phone call would have been nice but she only gave me the same ol' spiel about being out of minutes on the phone we bought her and her boyfriend being out of minutes too. @@ It's always the same answers from her and since she lied to me about when she moved and then also never told me she moved I was at wits end with her. I told Chris that she wasn't going to have any money for her own car come December cause in the 2 1/2 months she's been with us she has nothing to show for it. Nothing...nada.... Anyway, I could have made another post about it I guess. Thanks Cyndy! I just gotta keep reminding myself. She's my niece not my daughter and she's 24 freaking years old and not a baby. Maybe she'll realize how much help Chris and I have actually been to her if we're not there to catch her when she fights and breaks up with her boyfriend every 3 weeks or so.