Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothing to See Here.....

It's just another craptastic Friday. Chris's partner called and wow he's being sent to the office to work until April while one of the people is out. He's acting like he just found out but I don't believe it for a minute. Chris is supposed to get another partner til then and hopefully it'll be a good match and he'll tell this guy where to go finally after 10 years of missing 2 or 3 months every year. I'm in a dilemma though because we were supposed to see about getting a new to us (used) car but I'm not sure I want a car payment with this thing hanging over our heads. We definitely need a newer vehicle with our KIA being 10 years old especially but I sure don't want a car payment if its going to be hard to make them. I'm guessing I'm going to end up with a hoopdee but as long as it runs and I don't have a huge car payment it might just work until next year. I'm pissed and I still don't believe that this guy just found this out. @@


  1. sorry, Karen :(
    I hope that it all works out for you tho

  2. Thanks Diane. Everything will be fine. There's a partner lined up to start with Chris next week so that's a relief. We got a new car today. While I won't like having payments or having to stay home more it'll be nice having a dependable car again. It's been about 5 years now that the KIA has been persnickity and I had it with it for sure. Its strictly Chris's work car now and not my worry any more. LOL.