Sunday, January 9, 2011


We got a call on Thursday that my Dad was very sick. They wanted to know if my Mom wanted my Dad left in a hospice situation or sent to the Temple VA for more aggressive treatment. My Mom will not ever tell them to take my Dad to Temple for treatment after last year when the doctor there told her that he only had 6 weeks to live. Come to find out that doctor does it a lot when it comes to dementia patients because they do not know how to take care of them there. So the Waco VA just did bloodwork (no way to do xrays) and said he has an infection and it was probably pneumonia. We finally were able to get up there on Friday afternoon and see him and considering how sick he was he looked pretty good. Now looking good doesn't mean he's doing good and I wish extended family would realize that. Anytime my Mom posts on our facebook family page about him or somebody asks if she says good they think that means he's doing great. Like with my brother Patrick he's very ill yet they think he's lying or playing up his illnesses. Yes illnesses. He's had major heart problems since he was 38 years old and now has all kinds of other stuff that goes along with that plus diabetes. Anyway, my Dad looked good but when asked how he felt he said pretty good but that's because he doesn't remember being sick. Just a few more weeks and we'll hopefully have a second car and I'll be able to take my Mom about twice a week to see Dad. I hate having to get into another car payment but with the KIA being iffy I'd rather Chris have to deal with it at work. Hopefully next year we'll be able to use the tax refund to fix that wiring harness and a few other problems it has. It only has about 120,000 which isn't bad for a 2001 KIA and if we can make it last long enough it could be Nicky's first car.

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