Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We got a new furbaby last Saturday. We adopted her from the Humane Society in Waco. I didn't really want to get another baby right now but Jessie was missing Perdy so much that she talked us into going and seeing what they had for adoption. Sheba is an Anatolean Shepherd. She weighs about 50 pounds and her birthday is October 17, 2009. We only had to pay $50 to adopt her. I thought it was going to be $95 like the website said but I'm thinking because she was already adopted once and returned that is why it wasn't $95. She's a wonderful dog. Barely barks. I'm thinking that'll change. She was kept in the feral cat room at the Humane Society so she tolerates cats very well and she loves our little dogs too. The little dogs though are jealous of Sheba and the attention she's getting from Jessie so they're having to be pandered to a little more to try and stop them from fighting each other. I'm sure once the pecking order is firmly in place that everybody will calm down. They need a few more days and the more they're made to be together the easier it should get. They've already started settling down so hopefully it won't be much longer. You'd think with Sheba being the big dog she'd be Alpha but its Ginny our bigger little dog who is. She won't mess with Sheba though since she's so big. The first night home when she came in to sleep in Jessie's room she sniffed our cat Skylar and Skylar did the cat thing by hissing and climbing up to the top of my filing cabinet. Her fur was on end for about 2 hours. Sheba just looked at her and walked away. Cats do not bother her a bit and Skylar is getting used to her too. Oh and she was returned to the Humane Society but the reason was unknown. I'm thinking maybe she got too big for them to handle or they didn't have a good enough yard to keep her in because there's nothing wrong with her that we can see. So far so good and she's a great fit for our family.

Skylar after meeting Sheba the first time.

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  1. aww :) so happy for the new addition - hopefully Sylar will warm up to Sheba soon!