Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogging Blahs

That's what I've got. Nothing much is going on. My Dad is the same. My family is the same. Haven't heard from little sister Kelly since the blow up. I wish that wasn't the same. She doesn't return phone calls to my brother or sister so I haven't even tried to call her. Going from what my Mom said to me I'm guessing I'm the blame for that. She told my Mom I was cold to her and that she only called me cause she had nobody to talk to about it all. Well, I told her straight up she was being selfish and yeah, I didn't like that niece was pregnant but couldn't change it so why be negative about it all. Definitely what she didn't want to hear I guess. What my Mom doesn't know and never will know is what Kelly said to me about them. She called them lazy asses, said she was tired of giving them money and was wanting to know what other sister did with all my Mom's money. Well, Mom and Dad barely get $1500 together from Social Security. Mom has a lot of meds she takes plus Cheryl uses her paycheck along with whatever is left over to make the rent and utilities not to mention the cost of food and gas either. Cheryl is definitely not spending any money on herself. Maybe Kelly needs to walk in Cheryl's shoes and then she'd have a different attitude about everything. So I guess I did have something to chat about........just not anything new really.

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