Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a busy day yesterday. Both of the kids had awards programs. Jessie got an award for Language Arts and Nicky got several awards too. One for A/B honor roll and I can't remember what the rest were for now. Jessie would get the A/B honor roll if she didn't have a math disability and keep to a C average in that class. I'll take the C average though. She's not failing it at least and its beyond her control too. She has improved a whole lot that's for sure. After the awards for 8th grade there was a luncheon. I don't know why I thought it'd be more than pizza and soda for some reason but that's what it was. I guess because I had to pay $20 for Chris and I to attend. It was held in the local Baptist church's fellowship hall and it wasn't big enough at all either. Well, I'll know now what to expect when Jessie has hers in a couple of years at least. My Mom and them went to see Dad yesterday and wouldn't you know it was a good day for him. Just my luck that I didn't get to go this time. My sister Cheryl said he was even able to feed himself. He hasn't done that in a while. Must have been something really good. I'm taking everybody up there on Memorial day (Monday) to see him again. The kids are out of school that day and everybody that works is off so it works out for us. We have no bbq plans and no plans to go anywhere this weekend because Chris has to go back out for work tomorrow (Sunday) but next weekend we should have a long weekend with him and its the first weekend of Summer for the kids too. Mostly we'll be staying home for the summer except for a few days at Mother-in-laws house in July for the 4th. We hope to maybe take the kids to Corpus Christi one Saturday if we can find the money to do it. No big plans at all otherwise.

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