Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is doing well this Sunday morning. Not much going on here. Making plans for my sister Cheryl's birthday on Friday. If anyone needs celebrating its her. She has a cervical biopsy to be done on Tuesday. She's so worried about it but tries to act like its nothing much going on. I just hope they figure out what is going on with her soon. I'm taking her and I'm pretty sure my Mom will want to go. Mom went when I had a lump removed from my breast so I can't see her not going on Tuesday but we'll see. Everybody's pretty much the same. Well, my brother Terry found out he's diabetic but he can easily take care of that with diet for right now. I'm hoping when he finds a doctor that they'll not go straight to medication for him. I was able to keep mine under control with diet for about 3 years before I finally had to go to pills for medication for it. We'll see. My kids summer is just about over. Jessie has volleyball camp starting tomorrow through Thursday. Nicky starts band camp on Thursday and Friday from 8 to Noon and then the next week is 9 to 5. The heat is going to really get to him I' sure. I need to have Cheryl cut his hair before all that starts. That's about all for my ramblings today.


  1. Happy Sunday to you!
    well wishes to Cheryl on her procedure this week and hope the kids enjoy their camps.
    we are still enjoying summer here - BTS shopping this week, a quick trip to vegas at the end of the week and many more days in the pool :)
    hope you had a wonderful day!!

  2. Sounds like your family is having a rough time. I hope everything turns out ok with your sister's biopsy. I had the same thing done once upon a time and it sure is scary. I hope the birthday takes everyone's minds off their troubles for a while. Take care and have fun!