Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

It's my Dad's birthday. He turns 73 today. I'm taking my Mom, the kids and my brother Terry and sister Cheryl up to see him after my sister gets off of work this afternoon. Patrick isn't up to it today. He took them on Sunday to see Dad. Patrick has been having a lot of problems with feeling sick. He has a very bad heart so it stems from that. Mostly its because he's just been driving too much we think. We're hoping that's all it is and since Terry has been driving Amanda and Cheryl to and from work it seems to help Patrick with the swelling. The only bad thing is that the A/C at my Mom's has been hit and miss. Hopefully they've gotten it all fixed now since the repair guy replaced the motor. It's only been around 104 down here since the beginning of June. You don't need A/C for those temps right? Okay that's being sarcastic. I have them come down here when they've needed to so at least with their (Mom and Patrick) breathing problems they're not dying from the heat down there. I haven't been able to comment on blogger lately. I'm hoping since I was able to leave a comment earlier on a friends blog that the problem is over and I can leave comments for more friends now. That's all for now. I can't wait to see Dad today. I've got to remember to take my camera with me today for sure.

Edit: I feel so sad right now. All Dad could do is sleep while we were there this afternoon. My Mom said that's all he was able to do the last two times she's seen him too. He just doesn't look like himself anymore either.

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  1. :( sorry dad hasn't been himself. t hat has to be so hard. but happy birthday to him and hoping Patrick is feeling better.