Friday, June 24, 2011

Facebook Question

One of the pages I like is Coca Cola. They posted this question yesterday.
If red represents Coca-Cola what color represents you? My answer is orange. It's bright and cheerful but not as vibrant as yellow. I asked my kids this question too. Jessie said black at first and I can see that. Of course she's 12 going on 13 so she's all about moody right now. I told her I see her as yellow. She's usually happy go lucky and just pulsing happiness except for those few days a month when to me she's not black but aubergine. She asked me what color aubergine is and I told her dark purple almost black but that she always bounces back to yellow. Nicky tried to be smart and answered blue, orange and green. I told him no he's a blue. Blue is airy and Nicky definitely has moments where he doesn't think things through that's for sure. I think he only mentioned orange because that's my answer. Green? That's always been his secondary answer for his favorite color. Just a side note....these are my interpretations of colors, not neccessarily what the actual interpretation is for them. So, if red represents Coca-Cola what color represents you?

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