Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is This Thing On?

:::Knock:::Knock::: Is this thing on? I need to get here and try and post more. Not for anyone else but for myself. That's why I'm here anyway. I think. Nothing much going on in the homefront. Going day to day with a normal routine and that suits me just fine. I like good and boring. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and we were at a wedding and my Dad was in it. Bad omens are everywhere in that dream. I've explained before about how we have 3 symbolic things in dreams in my family that portend the 3 major things in life. Births or pregnancy, weddings and funerals. Of course we have to do everything the hard way so they don't just match up the way you'd think. If you dream about a baby or pregnancy that means a wedding, a wedding is a funeral and a funeral is a baby. So I know my niece is engaged but she hasn't announced it to the family. She posted her relationship status on her My Space page as engaged. Dreaming my Dad was there means its my side of the family and that its immediate family since it was my Dad and of course the wedding is a funeral. My Dad is in really bad health but my Mom hasn't been getting her meds because of not having enough money to get everything needed since she was in the gap for her medicare. I won't stop holding my breath until this month ends. The only good thing about the dream is that I didn't dream the funeral part so that means there's no new pregnancy in the family right now. That part is a relief because niece's fiancee is only 20 (she's 24) and he has a 2 year old daughter already from a high school romance that he doesn't hardly see or take care of. They don't need a new baby on top of not being able to take care of their own selves. 2 minimum wage jobs don't pay their bills now so I can imagine how hard it'll be on them with a baby on the way. You can't stop love though so I wish them well just not a baby yet.

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