Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bad Day

I took my Mom to see my Dad yesterday afternoon. I shouldn't have gone. It was such a bad, bad, bad day to see him. He wasn't in a good mood at all and I finally figured out I wasn't the daughter he wanted to see anyway. He wanted Cheryl. She wasn't there because she went off to the zoo with Patrick and Kelly and all the kids including mine. I had no idea that was going to happen til I got to my Mom's house. My sister Kelly was supposed to take one of her friends daughter and Jessie out somewhere to have fun but somehow or another they all got together for the zoo. When I got there Patrick started in that Cheryl was supposed to go with Kelly and the girls too. Still no one told me the zoo. So I let myself be guilted into telling her okay don't worry about going to see Dad. She hardly gets to do anything fun. I still thought that it was a girls day out at that point but right before we left my brother mentioned they were all going to the zoo. I know how it made me feel and even though my Mom pretends to blow things off I know it made her feel bad too. I could have gone over to my Mom's house earlier right after Nicky got out of Saturday school for Math, we could have seen my Dad, Cheryl included and all of us gone to the zoo. Anyway, I'm through whining about the zoo. Chris finally came in and they were all still out so my Mom said the kids could just spend the night and we get them today. Chris took me out to eat steak at Logans but I got a bad cut of meat. I got a ribeye but next time I'm just sticking to sirloin. The ribeye was just tough and stringy and I got it cooked medium so it shouldn't have been. Oh well. After we finally got home I stretched out in the bed because I hadn't been feeling good all day and it was just a bad day all around for me. I sweated a fever off and on all night. I think I fell asleep around 6 p.m. and finally got up about 8 a.m. this morning. My head still feels too heavy for my body and I've got a good chest cold working. Chris is going to go and get the kids in a little while so I don't have to at least. I'm just going to stick close to home today.

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