Friday, February 12, 2010


Like you know, Jessie is turning into such a preteen girly girl. She's always been, like you know, tomboyish but with ruffles if that makes sense. I promise no more like you know statements. That's all we heard this afternoon when we went to eat dinner at Dairy Queen. Every question or comment had like you know in it. We threw it back at her but she didn't catch on right away that we were playing with her. Not only does she use the statement a lot but she does it with a Valley Girl accent. LOL. Where she learned that I have no idea. Probably my sister Cheryl. The teacher of all things bad but fun. Isn't that what Aunts are good for? The fun things not the bad things. LOL. Nicky stayed home and just requested yet again pepperoni pizza for dinner. I swear he's a walking pizza if I ever saw one. He must be eating healthy though since he's 5'3" now and at a healthy weight too. I guess he's found his perfect food. At least he's a cheap date. Anyway it was nice to have just Jessie with us and she enjoyed the one on one time. Usually its just she and I when Nicky goes overnight to my Mom's so that wasn't why it was special. It was because Daddy went with just us. She's a Daddy's girl just like I was at that age. She got all embarrassed at the Doctors office the other day. Our Doctor was asking her if she knew about what was coming up for her and that she'll bleed someday and on and on. Thank goodness we have a woman Doctor or she would have really died of embarrassment. She asked Nicky if he liked girls yet and of course he stammers out no. They're both at that stage of embarrassment and its so fun to catch them off guard with comments. Pretty soon they'll really understand everything and it'll be serious conversations there after. Time to enjoy them as children as it should be at their ages.