Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Don't Do My Space

hardly ever. I maybe check it out once a month if that. I only keep it for cousins and other relatives that haven't stumbled onto Facebook yet. I was surprised to get an email notification from there from my niece Amanda this morning. Here's what it said.

3/2/2010 11:31 PM

hey did you get an income tax form from tommys when i lived there last year i was wondering if i could pick it up or have you send it to where i live in whitney now one of my friends mom died and i came down here to help her shes been there for me and she needed a friend to help her thru this thing i dont know what its like to lose a mom but i never had a mom so i told her to at least think of the good memories she got to have with her mom anyways love yall how is jess and nick they doing good in school i hope so well gotta run so busy

Gotta love how she gets right to business....not! Hello would have been a nice start. First, its not an income tax form you're wanting. It's your W2. Why would it be sent to my house? When you quit that job you up and moved to Temple to be with your boyfriend. It's probably at one of the fly by night places you lived with him or maybe, just maybe you could call your Grandma (my Mom) and ask her if its at her house since that's where you lived before you went off with your boyfriend. Oh gee, but that would mean having to explain to Grandma why you haven't been to see your beloved Grandpa who you're sure you're the apple of his eye huh? I doubt he'd ever recognize you again Amanda. It's been since September 2009 that you last saw him. He's not any better. His kidneys are still in as bad of shape as when we had to have him first admitted back in November over the weekend before Thanksgiving when he nearly died on us. Oh but you wouldn't know any of this because you won't keep minutes on your phone so people can update you about how your Grandfather is doing. Gee whilikers, I'm so glad to read you have a friend who's been there for you through thick and thin. Where was she last year when you were telling me please Aunt Karen can I live with ya'll? I have nowhere to go. CJ is so mean to me. He puts his daughter ahead of me. Good for CJ. He's a stupid punk but at least he's putting his daughter in the right place. She should come first and Amanda, she's 2! You're 24! Grow up little girl and be an adult. I'm so sorry your friend lost her mother. I really am. We're this close to losing our Dad but since we're family it doesn't matter to you. Just remember Amanda through thick and thin you'll always have your friends and no you can't come and live with me or my family any more. You got your friends to count on.

Okay so that's what I wanted to tell her but I didn't. I was nice. I couldn't reply on my space this morning. It was just doing all kinds of weird things so I posted to her on Facebook that I didn't have any mail for her here. I guess she didn't check that because she called me about 11:30 and again like the message above just wanted to know about her W2. I told her I don't have it but to go to the local Tommy's and get their number and call and ask for a duplicate and that hers probably got lost in the mail. I also told her she needed to go and see Grandpa. That you can't go by the pictures you see on Facebook and that he's still as bad as he was a few months ago. She said okay, so he's still at the VA right? I swear if I would have treated my parents and grandparents with the lack of interest and respect that she does my Mama would have beat me black and blue. That's the difference between the way I was raised and the way my niece and nephews weren't raised. My brother always pushed them off on friends as much as possible. Hindsight it's easy to call but at the time not living in the same city and only getting to see them ocassionally I can honestly say I never noticed how much of a non Father and non Family kind of man my brother was. Now all his kids are grown but not grown up. I kind of doubt they ever will be either. I just had to get this all written down. My emotions have run the gamut this week. Starting with my Dad last Saturday, being sicker than a dog this week and then waking up to this oh so glorious email I'm so glad this week is finally over. I don't want to be a bitch but sometimes being bitchy on paper (so to speak) gets it out of my system so I don't step on toes too much. Boy, but I sure want to step on some toes hard this week too.

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